Farm Fresh Eggs

Blackberry Forest flock

We wonder who fertilized Becky's egg!

Premium fresh eggs for our Sequim, WA neighbors!

Every egg  is fertile from our pampered free-range chickens.  They are available nearly every day (except during winter) for pickup at Blackberry Forest, which is just 1/2 mile north of John Wayne Marina.


Call (360) 683-6520 or email us, and they’ll be waiting for you in the curbside cooler.  Please leave $4 for each fresh, fertile dozen.

360-683-6520 or Email Us

Our chickens forage widely all day on the bayside farm property, choosing natural and live foods that no feed store could provide.  Their diet and clean salt water breezes are likely the reason for the extremely fine quality of their eggs.

Blackberry Forest has fresh free range eggsWe have many breeds of chickens, all chosen for being good layers.  They produce large, gorgeous eggs with the best taste imaginable.  These eggs are incomparable for baking.  You’ll really see their quality if you saute them with their bright orange yolks sitting tall and rich in your pan.

The Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Red and Black Stars, Black Austrolorps, and Buff Orpingtons lay various shades of brown eggs.  The Ameraucanas are known as Easter Egg Chickens, because they lay amazing eggs with green, blue, or turquoise shells.  Inside the naturally colored shells, the yolks and whites are the same premium quality and taste of the brown eggs; they are just more fun to see in the shell!

Each dozen sports a combination of egg shell colors.  They are so beautiful…


Our eggs are available every day for pickupAll of our chickens get along well, with 6 glorious roosters taking care of the flock.  Two Great Pyrenees dogs act as guardians over all, and they pay special attention to the babies that hatch each summer, protecting them from the abundant raptors that hang out in our trees over Sequim Bay.




Farm Fresh Eggs, Sequim WA
If you live near town and want the best fresh eggs ever, you will make our chickens very proud and happy!