Lavender Bud Sachet

Lavender Bud Sachet

Premium Lavender Sachets are the most wonderful fragrant items for wedding favors. These are lovely small items that emit such a beautiful fresh and holistic lavender fragrance. Your bridal party will enjoy the aromatic satin bags placed in their lingerie drawers or sitting on their bedside table.

These come in sets of 30 beautiful little bags with draw strings.Blackberry Forest is simply perfect for growing lavender and produces the most fragrant lavender bud. We are located right on the bay, and our soil is the exact sandy loam that lavender thrives in.

Enjoy a Blackberry Forest exclusive by selecting from our lovely collection of hand-filled sachets for your delight in scenting your home or giving as fragrant gifts.

PRICE:   Set of 30 sachets: $50.00

Select from your choice of Dark Purple Satin or Light Purple Satin.

That’s a great price, and even better with the FREE SHIPPING, as always, at Blackberry Forest!