Peruse our Premium Castile Soap Varieties

Infused with lavender oil, this soap is our triumph!

It is the most pure, the most natural soap in all the world. Every bar of soap from Blackberry Forest is made from the finest extra virgin olive oil, glycerin, and LAVENDER essential oil. We carefully pour the soap in small batches to ensure utmost quality and pristine cleanliness. Our methods are as pure as our ingredients.

The very finest ingredients are used; all pure and all natural. Each luxurious bar contains as much lavender essential oil that it can hold, yet still last a very long time in your shower and at your sink. The color is pure, rich, and creamy; the scent of the pure lavender oil will make you feel very soothed and cared for.

While the soap is very aromatic, (shelf life is about a year, and once they are opened, they last a very long time in the shower) and our lavender blend will sooth and delight you, it will never compete with any of the perfumed products you like to use. There are no perfumes, no dyes, no detergents, no sulfates, and no surfactants in Blackberry Forest Premium Castile Soap. Pure soap and pure lavender essential oil is all that there is.

This soap is gentle enough for a baby. It cleans well enough for a gardener. Those with dry skin are devoted to soap from Blackberry Forest. Those with more oily skin swear by its cleansing properties. Our soap was never tested on animals, but we surely use it for their baths!

Bathing with it is an incredibly soothing experience. Our customers who love lavender say that our soap is the best. Our customers who thought they didn’t like lavender say that ours is cleaner, fresher, and smoother than any they’d ever experienced. All say it is very soothing.

We have the cleanest-smelling horse, miniature donkey, and llamas, dogs and cats you have ever seen!

Blackberry Forest offers you compelling reasons to use and give our soaps:
1. We guarantee your delight with every purchase.
2. No perfumes or dyes.
3. FREE Shipping!

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