3 Gift-Wrapped Bath Bars

3 Gift-Wrapped Bath Bars

Blackberry Forest’s Premium Castile Soaps  are here as a gift set.   These are luxurious lavender infused bath bars in a base of olive oil, which is perfect for all skin types.  

This is a special gift set, created to represent your elegant taste.  To our minds, the gift of soap reflects true generosity because it doesn’t burden your recipient with “yet another thing to deal with”.  This gift is gorgeous, but it’s also useful.  It’s considerate, because it goes away!  Your giftee can use it at home, enjoying the extreme quality of this premium soap.  If they choose to not use it personally, they can give away each bar separately and appreciate your thoughtfulness in not burdening them with an object they feel compelled to keep.

What a fine hostess gift this is.  What a perfect birthday gift.  What a way to pamper a new mother.  How very sweet of you to present something so beautiful and so very considerate.

Blackberry Forest offers Free Exquisite Gift Wrap and Free Shipping


Each order includes 3 gorgeous gift-wrapped bath bars – 6 ounces each – in your choice of the following beautifully molded varieties:

Gift Sets of Premium Castille Soap from Blackberry Forest

Heart Shaped or Fleur de Lis

Gift Set Price: $40.

FREE shipping is included.