Uses for Lavender Sachet

“Well, they’re pretty, and they smell good…but what do I DO with them?”

1. Toss some Blackberry Forest lavender sachet bags into your suitcases when you unpack after a trip.  They will keep your empty luggage fresh and clean.

2. Put one into your purse and leave it there overnight.  It will freshen the lining of your bag.  Remove the sachet in the morning, and your purse will smell good every time you open it.

3. Loop a sachet bag onto the hangar of a favorite garment.

4. Put a Blackberry Forest sachet bag into the glove compartment of your car.

5. Give them as hostess gifts when you’re invited to dinner

6. Give them as party favors when YOU make dinner for friends

7. Tie one onto a gift as an extra luxury

8. Put several into a linen closet

9. Put several into your boxes of stored clothes

10.  If you’re a knitter, rejoice!  Tuck sachets among your yarn stash.